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Suzhou Kylin Textile Technology Co., Ltd. Has rich production experience, advanced technology and production equipment. We are located in the textile industry-developed area of Shengze Town, Wujiang District, Suzhou city.

OEM/ODM IFR Seat Cover Fabric Manufacturers and Wholesale Inherently Fire Retardant Seat Cover Fabric Factory in China. Our company has a wide product range that includes flame retardant home textile fabric, flame retardant curtain fabric, ready-made FR curtain, FR fabric air duct, FR treated fabric, FR coated fabric, non-FR garment fabric, and so on.

We’re still trying to develop more different flame-retardant fabrics for different industries. And so many kinds of our FR fabric have been sold out all over the world.

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Industry knowledge

How is the IFR Seat Cover Fabric different in terms of weaving method, texture and passenger experience?
The Inherently Flame Retardant Seat Cover Fabric offers two main types, each with distinct weaving methods, textures, and passenger experiences:
IFR Jacquard Seat Cover Fabric: This type of seat cover fabric is produced using a yarn-dyed jacquard weaving method. It is woven with high-wear-resistant and high-strength yarn. The jacquard weaving process creates a smooth and soft texture with a slight concave and convex feeling on the fabric's surface. Passengers who experience this fabric will find it comfortable and pleasing to the touch. The jacquard seat cover fabric is characterized by its durability and wear resistance, making it suitable for high-traffic seating areas.
IFR Velour Seat Cover Fabric: In contrast, the velour seat cover fabric is woven using a warp knitting technique. This method results in a fabric with a velvety texture and a strong silky feel. Passengers seated on this fabric will experience a different tactile sensation, one that is plush and luxurious. The velour seat cover fabric is also known for its softness and comfort, providing a high-quality passenger experience.
Both types of IFR Seat Cover Fabric can be customized to meet customer requirements, allowing for variations in flower shapes and color changes to suit specific design preferences.
The choice between IFR Jacquard Seat Cover Fabric and IFR Velour Seat Cover Fabric depends on the desired weaving method, texture, and passenger experience. These fabrics are designed to offer durability, comfort, and aesthetic appeal to passengers in various transportation settings, including private cars, high-speed trains, planes, and cruise ships.

How long does the customization process of IFR Seat Cover Fabric take?
The duration of the customization process for Inherently Flame Retardant Seat Cover Fabric can vary depending on several factors, including the complexity of the design, the quantity required, and the availability of materials. Here are some key factors that can influence the timeline for customization:
Design Complexity: More intricate or complex designs may require additional time for customization. If the design includes specific patterns, colors, or details, it may take longer to create and weave the fabric to meet those specifications.
Quantity: The quantity of seat cover fabric needed can impact the timeline. Larger orders may require more time for production and customization than smaller orders.
Material Availability: The availability of the required materials, including yarns and dyes, can affect the timeline. Some materials may have longer lead times or may need to be specially sourced, which can extend the customization process.
Lead Time Agreement: Customers and fabric manufacturers often agree on a specific lead time for custom orders. The lead time is the agreed-upon period for production, and it can vary from one order to another. It's essential for customers to communicate their timeline requirements with the fabric manufacturer when placing the order.
Quality Control: Fabric manufacturers typically have quality control processes in place to ensure that the customized fabric meets the required standards. These quality checks may add to the overall production time.
To determine the exact timeline for customizing IFR Seat Cover Fabric, it's advisable to consult with the fabric manufacturer or supplier. They can provide specific information based on the project's details and requirements. Additionally, factors such as shipping and delivery times should also be considered when planning for the receipt of the customized fabric.