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Suzhou Kylin Textile Technology Co., Ltd. Has rich production experience, advanced technology and production equipment. We are located in the textile industry-developed area of Shengze Town, Wujiang District, Suzhou city.

OEM/ODM IFR Blackout Curtain Fabric Manufacturers and Wholesale Inherently Fire Retardant Blackout Curtain Fabric Factory in China. Our company has a wide product range that includes flame retardant home textile fabric, flame retardant curtain fabric, ready-made FR curtain, FR fabric air duct, FR treated fabric, FR coated fabric, non-FR garment fabric, and so on.

We’re still trying to develop more different flame-retardant fabrics for different industries. And so many kinds of our FR fabric have been sold out all over the world.

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Industry knowledge

What is IFR Blackout Curtain Fabric, and how does it differ from regular blackout curtain fabric in terms of flame resistance and safety?
IFR Blackout Curtain Fabric, also known as Inherently Flame-Retardant Blackout Curtain Fabric, is a specialized type of curtain fabric designed to provide both light-blocking properties and enhanced flame resistance. It differs from regular blackout curtain fabric primarily in its flame resistance and safety features:
Flame Resistance: The key distinction is its inherent flame resistance. Inherently Flame Retardant Blackout Curtain Fabric is manufactured using materials that are naturally resistant to ignition and the spread of flames. This inherent flame resistance is a fundamental property of the fabric itself, not achieved through post-treatment with flame-retardant chemicals.
Non-Flame Retardant Treatments: Regular blackout curtain fabric often relies on post-treatment with flame-retardant chemicals to achieve flame resistance. While effective, these treatments can lose their potency over time due to wear, washing, or exposure to environmental factors.
Consistent Flame Resistance: IFR Blackout Curtain Fabric maintains its flame resistance throughout its lifespan. It does not require reapplication of flame-retardant treatments, making it a reliable choice for environments where fire safety is a concern.
Compliance with Standards: IFR Blackout Curtain Fabric typically complies with industry-specific fire safety standards and regulations. This compliance ensures that the fabric meets stringent safety requirements and can be safely used in commercial and public spaces.
Safety-Critical Environments: IFR Blackout Curtain Fabric is commonly used in environments where fire safety is paramount, such as hotels, theaters, hospitals, schools, and public venues. It helps reduce the risk of fire hazards and enhances overall safety.
Durability: IFR Blackout Curtain Fabric is designed to be durable and maintain its flame-resistant properties over time. It can withstand frequent use and exposure to light without losing its flame-retardant characteristics.

What are the key advantages of using IFR Blackout Curtain Fabric in environments where fire safety is a critical concern, such as hotels, theaters, or healthcare facilities?
Using IFR (Inherently Flame-Retardant) Blackout Curtain Fabric in environments where fire safety is a critical concern, such as hotels, theaters, or healthcare facilities, offers several key advantages:
Inherent Flame Resistance: IFR Blackout Curtain Fabric is inherently flame-resistant, meaning it doesn't rely on added flame-retardant treatments that can wear off over time. This property significantly reduces the risk of fire hazards, making it a safe choice for fire-conscious environments.
Compliance with Fire Codes: IFR Blackout Curtain Fabric is designed to meet stringent fire safety standards and regulations. This ensures that it complies with local and national fire codes, providing peace of mind to facility managers and occupants.
Enhanced Safety: In case of a fire incident, IFR fabric resists ignition and the spread of flames, reducing the risk of fire damage and injury. It contributes to the overall safety of the building's occupants.
Durability: IFR Blackout Curtain Fabric is known for its durability. It can withstand frequent use, cleaning, and exposure to sunlight without losing its flame-resistant properties. This longevity ensures that it maintains its safety benefits over time.
Aesthetic Options: IFR Blackout Curtain Fabric comes in a variety of styles, colors, and patterns, allowing it to blend seamlessly with the interior design of hotels, theaters, or healthcare facilities. It provides both safety and aesthetics.
Light Control: As blackout fabric, IFR curtains effectively block out light, contributing to a comfortable and functional environment. This light control is especially important in theaters, hotels, and healthcare settings where precise lighting control is necessary.
Privacy and Comfort: Blackout curtains offer enhanced privacy and can improve the quality of sleep in hotels and healthcare facilities. They also help create an ideal environment for presentations and performances in theaters.
Energy Efficiency: By blocking out light and maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature, Inherently Flame Retardant Blackout Curtain Fabric can contribute to energy efficiency by reducing the need for excessive heating, cooling, and artificial lighting.
Low Maintenance: IFR fabric is easy to maintain and clean, ensuring that it retains its flame-resistant and blackout properties without the need for extensive care.
Versatile Applications: IFR Blackout Curtain Fabric can be used in various settings, including guest rooms, public areas, meeting rooms, and healthcare facilities, providing a consistent safety and aesthetic solution throughout the building.