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World-wide Market For Fire Retardant Fabrics

Global demand for fire retardant fabrics is expected to increase and the global market is estimated to grow. Formulation and practice of stringent flammability standards will lead to the increased use of flame retardants by the developing countries. U.S will be a leading producer of these fabrics. Increasing use of flame retardants in consumer products, building materials, wire and insulation jacketing, electronics housings and aerospace products will boost its market demand. Polyolefin and other thermoplastics market will see increasing gain as they are used in flame retardant construction applications.


Performance apparel is one of the fastest growing sectors of the textile industry. The market growth is enhanced by the emergence of new innovations in fabrics and technological updations. Developments in fabric industry have led to the innovation of high-tech protective fabrics. These fabrics possess great tensile strength, cut resistance, and even higher abrasion resistance and durability.


Various fire-retardant materials used in clothing:


Nomex (a DuPont trademark)
Coated nylon
Carbon Foam
M5 fiber
Proban fr cotton
PYROMEX (a trademark of Toho Tenax)
Pyrovatex fr cotton
Dale Antiflame
Indura fr cotton
Lenzing FR (fire retardant Rayon)
Carbon X