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What Is The Most Suitable Fabric For Hotel Curtains?

In the hotel industry, the focus is generally on hardware decoration, usually ignore the soft decoration. But what really determines the quality of the hotel is the soft decoration. From the decoration of the hotel curtains to the sofa pillows, the soft decoration penetrates into every corner of the hotel. It is even said that it affects the grade of the hotel. Small hotels do not pay much attention to this aspect of decoration. One is that they have no ideas but do not want to be too traditional, which has caused progress to stay behind and no new ideas.

Smooth decorative fabrics can decorate hard cardboard boxes or cardboard jars, but they still require skill to make. At this time, you may contact a professional production team to tell your thoughts and the effects you want. After all, the art industry has expertise, and the professional quality is relatively reliable.

But the choice of fabric can infuse your ideas. Stripes, squares or light-colored printed fabrics are all classic series, especially suitable for the cloth cover of these carton boards, other types can also be. In hotel rooms, large boxes with cloth covers are beautiful and practical small furniture, which can even replace small bedside tables. The loose book cover is easy to sew, usually a small piece of cloth is enough, and it is more beautiful to put a coat on the book.

Many fabrics can be made into an excellent hotel curtain or bedding pillow. Of course, the most suitable fabric is cotton or linen, and they are usually easier to take care of. General hotel curtains only need to be treated in a normal way, but if you can add a layer of lining to the hotel curtain, it is better to be larger than the hotel curtain. The edge can show a trace of lining, which looks more advanced. Make bedding The fabric of the pillow should be finer. It should not be rayon but cotton or linen.