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What are the technical parameters and main uses of fireproof cloth

Fireproof IFR Sheer Curtain Fabric cloth can well protect objects away from hot spots and spark areas, and completely prevent or isolate combustion. It is suitable for welding and other occasions where there are sparks that are easy to cause fire. It can resist spark splash, slag, welding spatter to isolate the workplace, separate the working layer, and prevent possible fire hazards during welding; also Used as a light barrier, while establishing a safe, clean and standardized working space.Fireproof cloth is a kind of high temperature resistant inorganic fiber material. Due to its stable chemical properties, high temperature resistance and ablation resistance, its products are widely used in aerospace, metallurgy, chemical, building materials, fire protection and other industrial fields.



Non-combustible, high temperature resistance (500~1700 degrees), compact structure, non-irritating, soft and flexible texture, convenient for wrapping objects and equipment with uneven surfaces.The use of fire blankets can directly reduce spark splashes, isolate and block flammable and explosive dangerous goods, and ensure the integrity of human life and property. Fireproof cloth can be made into fireproof blanket, which is an ideal protective tool for key public security fire safety units. It is used during hot construction such as welding, cutting. in large shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels and other public entertainment places.


Technical parameters of fireproof cloth.Fireproof cloth is made by mechanically applying high-temperature glue on the surface of ceramic fiber. It has the characteristics of non-combustion in contact with fire, friction resistance, water resistance, and fire resistance.Color: gray, red, black, white, yellow, etc., the color is variable.Specifications: Width: between 1000MMM-10000MM.Thickness: between 0.1MM and 5.00MM.Temperature resistance: between 800 degrees and 1700 degrees.


Basic performance: non-burning in contact with flame, high temperature resistance, fire resistance, waterproof, acid and alkali resistance, aging resistance, tear resistance, and environmental protection.Fireproof cloth is widely used in the heat insulation, heat preservation, fire prevention of metal structures in petroleum and chemical enterprises, and some places that need welding and repair and welding of ship structures. It shows good adaptability, lining and outer packaging of refractory products. Decoration, it can also be used for fire shutters, smoke screens, roofs and indoor construction and decoration, ceiling decoration materials and other fire protection areas.