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What are the main points of the installation of finished fabric curtains?

At this stage, there are two common installation methods for finished IFR Stage Curtain Fabric, one is Roman rods and the other is curtain boxes. Next, we will describe the advantages and disadvantages of these two installation methods and the reserved dimensions during installation.

1. Curtain box
The curtain box is an important part of the home decoration and an important facility to conceal the head of the finished fabric curtain. When designing the ceiling and window cover, the matching curtain box design should be carried out to improve the overall decorative effect. The production node of the curtain box: When making the ceiling, the curtain box should be considered. At this time, the curtain box is hidden in the ceiling. On the contrary, regardless of the ceiling owner, the curtain box can be made on the wall. According to the position of the curtain box during installation, the curtain is divided into top-mounted and side-mounted in the installation method. For the top installation, the curtain box is on the top of the wall. When installing, install the finished fabric curtain directly on the top of the wall. For the side installation, install the curtain about 15cm above the window.

2. Roman Rod
Roman rods are popular because of their variety and beauty. Roman rods are divided into single rods and double rods. Generally, single rods are commonly used. Of course, if you need a layer of finished fabric curtains and a layer of yarn, you can choose double rods. . Installation process: drawing line positioning—punching—installing rod—hanging the finished fabric curtain. When installing, the depth of the hole should be controlled within 4-4.5cm, and a certain distance should be kept to the water and electricity pipeline. When installing the Roman rod, the expansion bolt is necessary. The connection between the finished fabric curtain and the Roman rod is divided into punching and hooking.