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Use Of Flame Retardant Materials

The main reason to use flame retardant fabrics is that is reduces the risk of fires spreading. Particularly with curtains this can stop the fire soreading vertically to more floors.


Fabrics are the materials used for clothing, home textiles, and different domestic and industrial usage. The word fabric means fabrication for the purpose and predetermined objective. They are pliable,soft, strong,warm, cool and elastic in nature according to the properties of their respective fibres, construction methods, structure and finishing.


Fabrics always pose the traditional fragrance in it. When you attempt to use the fabrics in your home interior, it would able to get the good maintenance in the future. We can allow the fabrics to flatter inside your home, to enhance the beauty of your residence.


Flame retardant clothing, otherwise called as FR clothing is a work-wear clothing apparel. They are manufactured to safeguard the workers from any kind of thermal and fire exposures. They are self-extinguished fabrics, which resist the fire flames to injure the body.


FR apparels can protect the wearer from electrical potential hazards such as arc flames, welding, flash fire, electrical short circuit, etc. The fabrics are engineered to resist such hazardous flames and fire to enter wearer’s body.


Use of flame retardant materials such as Modacrylic, Nomex and Kevlar improved the reliability of Fabrics. People working in oil refineries, thermal power plants and other harsh environments workers like fire fighters can rely on these fabrics for their safety over thermal exposures. These fabrics avoid spreading the fire and ensure low risk of injury.