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The Wear Life Of Flame Resistant Fabric

Textiles and fabrics are used in a variety of high-performance functions. We use them to protect ourselves from the elements, to improve our lives, increase safety and for technical applications in industrial processes.

The wear life of FR clothing is dependent on the type of fabric used and the quality of the garment's construction. Some types of FR clothing can last more than five years, while other types may last 9-18 months. Workwear should be replaced when it is beyond repair, contaminated or aesthetically unacceptable.

Always wash your FR gear prior to wearing. Clean your flame resistant garments using a mild detergent that is free from hydrogen peroxide, animal fats (tallow soap), and bleach... It is recommend to wash FR clothing in water no hotter than 120 degrees Fahrenheit when washing at home. Tumble dry on low.