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The Fabric Used For Blackout Curtains

A good blackout curtain has to block out the light. But it depends of what you’re looking for, some people want a 100% blackout effect and some prefer to have some natural light coming in, especially when they wake up.

From room darkening curtains (that block out 90-95% of the light) to blackout curtains (available mainly in darker colors) to total blackout curtains that block out all light completely (available in all colors, even white). The most important is to block out all night lights from the street.

How do blackout curtains work?

The fabric used for blackout curtains makes all the difference: dim-out and blackout fabrics are all weaved and textile. A black yarn is inserted in the middle of the two sides of the fabric and the blackout effect (between 90 and 100%) depends on the color and the structure of the fabric.

To block out 100% of the light you better choose either a blackout curtain in a dark color or a coated fabric curtain (in any color). The blackout curtains provide optimal protection from sunlight and offer a total blackout effect across the entire colour range.