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Ten Main Sofa Fabric Types

Sofa fabric is one of the most important gauges of the quality of your sofa. There are several varieties of sofa fabric available, all with different qualities, pros and cons. You can choose from man-made fabrics such as nylon, polyester, rayon, acrylic and acetate, or natural fabrics such as jute, silk, cotton, wool or linen.

Nylon is a popular fabric for sofas. It is not very expensive, but is still durable. It can last for a long time with proper care. It is highly resistant to abrasion and can withstand high degrees of wear and tear. It is, however, prone to fading with continuous exposure to sunlight. A nylon sofa is a good choice for a family with young children and pets.

Polyester is another synthetic fiber that is very hardy and long-lasting. It shares many of the properties of nylon and is also fade resistant. It does not crumple or wrinkle and like nylon, keeps away mildew and insects. Nonetheless, it can be damaged by oil and greasy stains.

Rayon is an artificial fiber that can emulate the look of silk or cotton, among other natural fibers. In addition to the natural look, rayon provides the advantages of mildew and fade resistance. It is, however, prone to wear and tear and will show its age after some years.

An artificial fiber that provides the look and feel of wool, acrylic is preferred because of its affordability and high durability. Look for high quality acrylic that will resist pilling. Unlike natural wool, acrylic is highly resistant to fading. It is also less prone to wrinkling and staining.

Acetate is a synthetic fiber that provides the look and feel of silk. It is much more affordable, but it has several drawbacks. It can show signs of wear and tear easily, so a busy household may not be the best place for an acetate sofa. It is also prone to wrinkling and fading in the sunlight.

Jute is a natural fiber that is known for its softness. It is unfortunately also low on durability. It cannot withstand heavy wear and tear. It can also fade in the sunlight and is prone to staining.

Silk is a luxurious sofa fabric that is only suitable for low-traffic, formal areas. It requires professional cleaning and good care. Silk is highly expensive.

Cotton is one of the oldest fabric choices. It is durable and can be dyed in any color. You will probably find the highest number of designs and color choices with cotton. Although it resists fading, cotton is prone to wrinkling and can also soil easily. It is highly absorbent, so you must be careful with liquids around a cotton sofa.

Wool is an expensive, luxurious natural fabric that exudes warmth and coziness. It is in demand for its natural appeal and high level of comfort. It is easy to clean, but it can also stain easily because of its high absorbency.

Another natural fabric, linen is manufactured from flax. It is sensitive to wear and tear, sunlight and can wrinkle easily. As a result, a linen sofa is most appropriate for formal areas.