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Suitable Flame Retardant Fabrics

Flame resistant (FR) fabrics are especially engineered to make sure that end users are protected from exposure to thermal events.

In the Industrial, military and fire service markets, FR fabrics are an essential part of any personal protective equipment (PPE) ensemble. Any end user who has to go into harm’s way or face the risk of flash fires and electric arcs will definitely need to have FR fabrics.

Fabric that is woven in a manner that does not initially pass fire codes, but is then topically treated with chemical(s) that make the finished product flame retardant. These flame retardant chemicals are not permanent, and laundering will affect the subsequent flame resistant nature of the fabric.

The very first step in the selection of the suitable flame retardant fabrics is assessing the risks involved in a workplace so that all risks should be discovered. This could be done by hired professionals who carry out a detailed examination of your facility and whom can consider the risk containing factors involved, the extent of damage to be expected against heat and flame in a sudden burst of flash fire, electric arc, molten metal splash or other workplace hazards and the degree of protection required.