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Stage curtain material and application

The stage IFR Stage Curtain Fabric curtain is one of the facilities that can display the atmosphere most on the stage. It can play the role of decorating and beautifying the stage. The equipment of the curtain directly affects the artistic effect and beauty of the stage. The stage curtains produced by our company all adopt fire-retardant treatment and artistic production methods of three-fold.



In terms of material selection, combined with architectural requirements, sound reinforcement requirements, stage light effect requirements, and stage curtain suspension, the aesthetic and artistic requirements presented to the audience are carefully, selected, designed and produced to make the density, absorbance and color of the fabric.


Softness and drape meet the requirements of stage art. Commonly used fabrics are golden velvet stage curtain, hemp stage curtain, real velvet stage curtain, Italian velvet stage curtain, Dutch velvet stage curtain, velvet stage curtain and supporting equipment: manual stage curtain track, electric stage curtain track, remote control stage curtain track.


Lifting monogram system, electric scroll background, etc. Applications: Theater stage curtains, theater stage curtains, performance stage curtains, performing arts stage curtains, background stage curtains, opera stage curtains, conference curtains, venue curtains, auditorium stage curtains, school stage curtains, lecture hall curtains, multifunctional hall stage curtains.