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Key Factors To Consider Sofa Fabric

While the total base cost of a sofa, chair or sectional will give you some indication of its overall quality, the cost within a range is usually determined by the fabric selected. The most expensive fabric choice or “highest grade” within a range may not necessarily be the best fabric for your needs.


With so many options, selecting a sofa fabric can quickly become overwhelming to the average furniture shopper. Many factors determine a fabric’s overall characteristics and general appropriateness for a specific application. As you begin your search for the “perfect” sofa, chair or sectional keep the following in mind when choosing the upholstery:


Key Factors to consider:


Your lifestyle, e.g., Do you have kids or pets? Do you eat on your sofa?
A fabric that is more expensive is not necessarily “better” than a less expensive one.
A fabric’s fiber content can provide clues as to how it will wear.
Thicker fabrics tend to upholster “neater” than thinner fabrics.
Fabrics that stretch less when you pull them diagonally at opposite corners will stay more taut over time than stretchier fabrics.
Larger weaves are more likely to be snagged by jewelry and pet claws causing unsightly pulls or loops.