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How to choose flame retardant protective clothing?

1. Check: Check whether the inner and outer packaging of the flame-retardant protective clothing, all trademark signs, and safety signs of special labor protection products are complete and correct, and whether there are instructions for washing, maintenance and maintenance.



2. Look: Check the appearance of the flame-retardant protective clothing. The surface should be free of defects, damage and stitching defects. The structure of flame-retardant work clothes should be three-tight neckline, cuffs and hem to prevent hot objects or sparks from splashing and hurting the human body. The exposed pocket should have a cover to avoid collecting splashing metal or sparks. The ventilation holes reserved for heat dissipation should be in the underarms, back and inside of the crotch to prevent foreign objects from entering.


3. Touch: The flame-retardant protective clothing of better quality feels softer to the touch and does not irritate the skin.


4. Smell: some unqualified flame retardants have certain toxicity and a certain pungent odor. Take the flame-retardant protective clothing out of the package and smell it, and there should be no peculiar smell or pungent smell.


5. Try: First, try the bags and decorations of the flame-retardant protective clothing, which should not affect the normal work; Second, try whether it is convenient, fast, and detachable.