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How much do you know about the little knowledge of shading brie?

Types of shading cloth

Coated shading cloth: Dyeing and coating ordinary fabrics to achieve shading effect. The coating generally includes silver coating, flocking, etc. This kind of fabric has two or more layers.
Flame-retardant shading cloth: It is divided into fiber flame-retardant and post-finishing flame-retardant shading cloth.
Embossed shading cloth: The shading cloth that has been dyed or dyed with flame retardant finish is pressed by special equipment to show various pattern effects to make embossed shading cloth.
Of course, shading cloth is far more than these three, including woven shading cloth, printed shading cloth, jacquard shading cloth and so on.

How to choose blackout curtains

There are many small ways to learn from the choice of blackout curtains. Such as: sensory method, combustion method, PH value test paper method for identification.
Cotton blackout curtains are flammable, catch fire quickly, smell of paper burning, and become fine and soft gray-black flocs after burning. The burning characteristics of hemp blackout curtains are similar to that of cotton, with a paper burning smell, and after burning, it becomes a fine and soft gray-white flocculent.
The hair-shading curtains burn slowly after a fire, with a burning smell of hair. After burning, they are black coke-like and fragile.
The easiest way to distinguish is to understand the professional knowledge of blackout curtains, listen carefully to the explanations of the curtain shop's shopping guide, and combine the senses and touches to select the best blackout curtains for your home.


Healthy and environmentally friendly choice

When buying blackout curtains, remember to choose some products that are of unqualified quality. First of all, when buying, curtain users must choose better quality blackout cloth curtains. Products that do not meet the quality requirements are shade cloth curtains that are not environmentally friendly, so they are harmful to human health.
When we are buying blackout cloth curtains, we must also look for branded blackout cloth curtains. As for the thickness of blackout cloth curtains, it is recommended to choose moderate ones.