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Flame Retardant Fabric Are Chemically Coated Fabrics

Fabrics is cloth or other material produced by weaving cotton, nylon, wool, silk, or other threads together. Fabrics are used for making things such as clothes, curtains, and sheets.


Fabric is made of fibers that are gathered from the source, spun into threads and then they are woven or knit into fabrics. Fibers can come from many sources, plants, animal hair, insects, and crude oil. Well know plant fibers are Cotton, linen, hemp, and rayons that come from bamboo, pine, spruce and hemp. These are spun and processed into denims, t-shirtings, twills, khakis, voiles, broadcloths poplins, cotton is an especially versatile fibre and made into literally thousands of weights, textures, knits and weaves. it's the world's favourite fibre.


Flame retardant fabric are chemically coated fabrics which resist the fire by limiting oxygen supply.


Inherent flame resistant fabrics are made with kevlar and nomex fibres which get swells on catching fibre and protects the wearer from secondary damages by resisting contact of fire to the skin.


This flame retardant fabrics are used in curtains and drapes for school events and in important social gatherings .Inherently flame resistant fabrics are used in making fabrics for fire fighters, soldiers.