Flame Resistant Fabrics Are Inherently Flame Resistant


An easy place to start is to better understand the diff […]

An easy place to start is to better understand the difference between flame resistant fibers and fabrics that inherently have that characteristic and ones that are chemically treated with such properties.

In layman’s terms, flame resistant fabrics are either inherently flame resistant or they’re treated to be flame resistant.

Said another way, the fibers that make up the fabric are manufactured to be flame resistant OR the fabric is treated to be flame resistant.

But beyond the cotton fabrics, there are others on the market built for these dangerous conditions.

One of the least obvious places to look is rainwear. While rainwear is a standard set for any uniform in plenty of industries, you might not think of rainwear as being flame resistant.

Many people find it hard to believe that flame resistant fabric can be in rainwear. But the fabric is coated or laminated with the flame resistant properties. This coating is also designed to make the garment waterproof.