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Fire Retardant Fabrics For Tent

No tent fabric is fireproof. Today most tent makers claim their fabrics are fire retardant but all tents will burn and most will burn remarkably quickly.

Players are working to enhance application area of flame resistant fabrics to increase demand in the global market. For instance, a composite waterproof fabric for tent walls and the like which is suitable for use under severe service condition. This will help workers living in adverse environment.

Industrially, the Fire Retardant Fabrics are produced through the surface treatment of the fabric during the finishing process which in turn impart the flame-retardant property within it. Prevalently, fire retardant fabrics are used in the manufacturing of the protective wears.

Also, fire retardant fabrics find their application in the production of curtains, drapes, health care fabrics, tents, tarps, and military applications, among others. Generally, the Fire Retardant Fabrics are produced by incorporation of the fire resistance additives with man-made fibers or through synthesis of fire resistance copolymer with the fabric polymers.

The fabric for tent comprises three plies, namely outer and inner woven, flame resistant plies. This type of design offer extra strength and flame resistant properties to fabric.