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Fire Retardant Fabric Is Traditionally Used For Household Articles

The fabric is most important consideration in designing of garment. It affects both style and function. The same style will not look the same in different fabrics. Hand of fabric influences its use. Attributes like stiffness or limpness, hardness and softness, roughness or smoothness all taken together determine hand of fabric. A great variety of fabrics are available in the market which are created by manufacturers by combining pure or blended fibers, different yarn structure, fabric structure, and by application of finishes in unlimited ways.

Ultimate appearance of any garment is influenced by compatibility of fabric hand with the desired garment structure. Not all fabrics are suitable for all garment style. Generally final results are best when the innate character of the fabric is compatible with the styling of the garment. The fabric must be capable of supporting the garment silhouette and the shapes within.

Fire Retardant properties are known in the fabric industry as "FR". Fire Retardant fabrics began by perfecting the fibers with Inherent Fire-Retardant characteristics (IFR), a quality that is embedded in the molecular structure of the fiber and will therefore never diminish. Following years of scientific development, engineering and testing, Kylin created Fire-Retardant fabrics that look and feel natural and are always continuously, rigorously tested and assessed for your peace of mind.

Fire Retardant fabric is a medium weight fabric which is traditionally used for household articles like tent covers, sofa covers, table covers and curtain etc.