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Companies That Need Flame Resistant Clothing

As we known, flame resistant clothing has come a long way since its inception. Most experts agree that flame resistant clothing was "discovered" in 1821. This was when Joseph Louis Gay-Lussac, a decorated French chemist and physicist, discovered that combining ammonium phosphates with borax made textiles somewhat resistant to flames.

Because of the importance of flame resistant clothing, it's best to first understand the science behind the fabrics. Not knowing which fabrics will help keep you safe can have serious consequences. It's important to know which fabrics provide the right level of protection for your environment.

In layman's terms, flame resistant fabrics are either inherently flame resistant or they're treated to be flame resistant.

Take a moment to think about all the companies whose employees are in uniform every day.

Public utility
Transportation & logistics
Facilities Management
Electrical energy & distribution
Oil & Gas
Residential services