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Can flame retardant fabrics be coated with silver

What is FR Coated Fabric coated silver Oxford cloth? The silver-coated Oxford cloth fabric has PU silver glue coating and PA silver glue coating. Relatively speaking, the main function is to block ultraviolet rays as much as possible. The silver glue coating can effectively block 80% of the external ultraviolet rays and harmful optical fibers for better protection. Human skin is not damaged by strong light from outside, tanning, and protect skin tissue structure.



What is flame retardant fabric? There are two types of flame retardant fabrics: post-finishing flame retardant technology and fiber flame retardant. Post-finishing flame retardant process refers to the flame retardant treatment of the fabric through coating, padding, spraying and other methods. When it encounters fire, the flame retardant will physically and chemically react to achieve the flame retardant effect.


Fiber flame-retardant refers to the flame-retardant fabric made by copolymerizing flame-retardant monomer and high polymer or adding flame-retardant into the polymer, and processed into blended fiber through miscibility, and then woven into flame-retardant fabric. Commonly used flame-retardant fabrics are CVC flame-retardant fabrics, cotton flame-retardant fabrics, and multi-functional flame-retardant fabrics.


After the flame-retardant fabric is coated with silver finish, the flame-retardant effect still exists. Such a flame-retardant fabric that can prevent radiation and has the flame-retardant effect is made into curtains, and at the same time, the safety factor level is further improved. Flame-retardant fabrics can also have multiple functions at the same time, such as waterproof, anti-static, PVC coating and other functions. The effect of flame-retardant fabrics still exists