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Blackout Curtains Can Be Washed And Ironed

Like every curtain, a blackout curtain will also help to insulate the room to a certain degree. Keep in mind that if you really need to insulate a room, you should better choose a blackout and thermal curtain.

With this kind of curtain you’ll get a blackout as well as a thermal effect. Please see our thermal curtain buying guide for more information.

A blackout curtain offers blackout effect up to 100% whole a room darkening curtain blocks out the light around 90% to 95%. Please see our comparison chart to understand which curtain offers the right light blocking effect for you.

Blackout curtains can be washed at a low temperature and in a gentle wash cycle. The most important is to make sure that the grommets are rust proof.

Since blackout curtains can be ironed, please check the composition of the fabric and select the correct temperature.

Blackout curtains can be dry cleaned to avoid any damage and impact on the performance.