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Are creative curtain fabrics still selling well

Recently, due to IFR Velvet Curtain Fabric the approaching of the Lunar New Year, the sales of curtain fabrics in the China Textile City market fluctuated and declined, but curtain fabrics continued to be mainly subscribed for multiple varieties. In the past few days, the curtain fabrics' counterparts are still favored by counterpart customers, local sales are relatively active, and innovative and creative pattern fabrics still dominate the market. Curtain fabrics are relatively insufficient to subscribe for the market, but creative curtain fabrics continue to be favored, and local spot transactions continue to go smoothly. Jacquard curtain fabrics, transfer printed curtain fabrics, segmented multi-color printed curtain fabrics, and positioning printed curtain fabrics are mainly sold directly by manufacturers, which are favored by domestic and foreign customers, and local transactions are relatively smooth. In particular, printed curtain fabrics occupies the majority of the transaction share. Printed curtain fabrics continue to become the leading products in various curtain fabrics in the market.



The entire 280CM printed curtain fabrics and the creative pattern fabrics for positioning printed curtain fabrics have been purchased for several days. There is still an increase. In the past few days, the whole 280CM jacquard positioning printing curtain fabric and the whole 280CM printing curtain cloth have both creative pattern fabrics, and the transaction volume is still small and large. A front-shop-back-factory cloth company with research and development capabilities or large-scale business outlets. The price of innovative and creative pattern fabrics for the entire jacquard curtain fabric has risen steadily, and the innovative and creative jacquard curtain fabrics that have been partially listed have passed pattern registration , The added value of fabrics has increased significantly, and the price of new pattern fabrics has increased slightly due to its unique creativity. The local sales of spring curtain fabrics are still increasing. The jacquard curtain fabrics are constantly updated with the continuous update of raw materials and the new and innovative weaving textures. Small batches of multi-variety patterns are still being sold in batches.


Some jacquard styles are both creative and creative. The sales of fabrics seeking novelty and difference are still relatively smooth. The fabrics with reasonable ratio of raw materials such as special silk, bright FDY silk, metal silk and positive color silk, colorful rayon, etc., with emphasis on jacquard craftsmanship, are still being sold in small batches. The sales volume of the jacquard creative pattern curtain layout still has both large and small batches. Some large-scale business outlets for polyester base fabric embroidered curtain fabrics are still active, and there are still bulk transactions in the targeted creative pattern fabrics, and local sales in jacquard curtain fabrics and embroidered curtain fabrics in spring new pattern fabrics are still going smoothly. Polyester base fabrics and printed curtain fabrics are still the hot-selling varieties in the home textile market, with local and multi-variety transactions in both large and small batches.


Although the lunar new year is approaching day by day, the home textile market of China Textile City fluctuates and declines, and some small and medium-sized business households have a sharp decline in the spot market for curtain fabrics, and the transaction volume is insufficient. However, creative curtain fabrics are still selling well, and the sales in the creative jacquard curtain layout department are still going well. The new pattern fabrics of polyester jacquard printed curtain fabrics, some large-scale retail stores have small but large sales, and they still become one of the relatively smoothly sold varieties of curtain fabrics. There are still transactions in various varieties of polyester composite silk curtain fabrics, such as jacquard, printing, embroidery, and yarn-dyed fabrics. The local transactions are small and large. Some large professional business operators still have active transactions in jacquard curtain fabrics and embroidered curtain fabrics, and some large-scale business operators and fabric companies still have large-scale transactions. The polyester transfer printing curtain fabrics woven with DTY silk as the main raw material continue to develop new styles due to the pattern style, and the sales of the whole curtain layout of printed landscapes, beaches, and flowers are still going smoothly.