Application of flame retardant workwear in the petroleum industry


At present, the most commonly used work clothes in dome […]

At present, the most commonly used work clothes in domestic oil fields are general cotton work clothes, anti-static clothes and flame-retardant clothes. Ordinary cotton work clothes are equivalent to everyday clothes, and cannot play a role in the prevention and protection of deflagration. Anti-static clothing can prevent deflagration caused by electric sparks, and flame-retardant clothing has a certain protective effect on deflagration, but the anti-static performance and flame retardant performance of these two clothing will be weakened with washing or wearing, Once ignited by a deflagration flame will increase the degree of burns.


Inherently flame retardant cut pile velvet fabric for stage curtain


In addition to the choice of fabric, the protection performance of the flame-retardant protective clothing produced by the flame-retardant fabric is also affected by many factors, such as the design of the flame-retardant clothing and the accessories used, including stitches, zippers, reflective tape and so on. The design should cover the skin surface as much as possible, such as not using a lapel design, etc., to improve the overall safety of the flame-retardant clothing, and it is recommended to use flame-retardant sutures and zippers to prevent the flame-retardant clothing from burning due to accessories when it encounters a deflagration. The entire garment ruptures, causing the wearer to be directly exposed to the flame and failing to provide due protection.


In addition, wearing flame-retardant protective clothing produced by flame-retardant fabrics also needs to pay attention to some details, such as choosing a suitable size and slightly loose flame-retardant clothing, the size is too small will greatly affect the comfort of wearing, and affect the operation Flexibility; for example, do not open the collar when wearing flame-retardant clothes, do not roll up the sleeves, the oil stains of flame-retardant clothes must be cleaned, etc., to ensure that the flame-retardant protective clothing produced by flame-retardant fabrics can play the best role.


With the development of the national economy, the improvement of the legal system and the increasing awareness of personal health and protection, especially the increasingly frequent international cooperation and exchanges between petroleum and petrochemical companies, and the increasing awareness of safety, flame-retardant clothing will be among petroleum and petrochemical companies. Get further promotion.