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8 practical tips for cleaning curtains

Curtains that have been hung for a long time are contaminated by dust and need to be cleaned. The following introduces several methods of cleaning curtains of different materials. I hope that they will help you in the cleaning process.



1. Cloth curtain: It is a common style of curtains in the home. They are all produced by pigment through different processes. Therefore, different fabrics should be washed separately during washing to avoid dyeing each other.


2. Canvas / Linen: This curtain material is also very popular in recent years. It is difficult to dry after cleaning, so it is not suitable for direct cleaning in water. It is better to use a sponge dipped in warm water or soap solution to wipe back and forth, roll up after drying That's it.


3. Velvet: This velvet curtain is dirty, soak it in a neutral cleaning solution, lightly press it with your hands, wash it, and then put it on an inclined shelf to let the water drip automatically.


4. Electrostatic flocking cloth: This (shading fabric) is not easy to be dirty and does not need to be cleaned frequently. However, if you don't wash it in water and knead it or brush it, just use cotton gauze dipped in alcohol or gasoline and gently wipe it. If the flannel is too wet, don't twist it hard to avoid fluffing and affect the appearance. The correct cleaning method should be to remove the water with both hands or let it dry naturally, so that the appearance of the flocked fabric can be maintained.


5. Curtain head / curtain: These two can be soaked in clean water, then washed with warm water added with soda, and then washed twice with mild detergent powder or soapy water. Knead gently when washing, rinse with water. When drying, it needs to be tidied up and placed on a clean table or frame.


6. Thinner curtain products: (especially the glass yarn in the window screen), can not be dried with the washing machine. When washing, you can soak the dissolved washing powder (soap) in water, rinse it, then pick it up and dry it in a cool place (not in the sun) or hang it directly.


7. Sunshine fabric / aluminum: These two curtains are generally used in corporate offices. It is recommended not to remove them and wash them with water. You can use a feather duster to sweep dust, which is convenient and concise.


8. Bamboo curtain: This curtain is also a popular one in recent years. Its environmental protection is not easy to be dirty. The bamboo curtain should not be washed. It can be cleaned with a dry rag or feather duster.