• FR fabric from wikipedia

    FR fabric from wikipedia

    Fire-retardant fabrics are textiles that are naturally more resistant to fire than others through chemical treatment or manufactured fireproof fibers. Terminology and test limitations The term fire-retardant as applied to organic (i.e., containing carbon) materials, is intended to refer to reduced f... Read More

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  • Flame Retardants in Commercial Use or Development for Textiles

    Flame Retardants in Commercial Use or Development for Textiles

    Non-durable and semi-durable flame retardants based mostly on phosphate or phosphonate salts continue to be used on infrequently washed or disposable goods, and recent improvements have been made to impart better `hand' or some limited wash resistance. Backcoating with insoluble ammonium polyphospha... Read More

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  • How IFR polyester fabric works

    How IFR polyester fabric works

    Comfort and safety, the two most important requirements in home textiles were first successfully combined in 1980: with flame retardant FR polyester fibres and yarns. Textiles made from these fibres and yarns are permanently flame retardant. Unlike fabrics that receive a surface treatment at a later... Read More

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