• Flame Retardancy Of Fabric Depends On Times

    Flame Retardancy Of Fabric Depends On Times

    Fire retardant fabrics are used in a variety of applications like industrial work wear, uniforms for fire fighters, air force pilots, tent and parachute fabric, professional motor racing apparel etc to protect the wearer against fires, and electrical arcs etc. They are mostly used in interior materi... Read More

    30-09-2019 News
  • Install Fabric Air Duct Tips

    Install Fabric Air Duct Tips

    Fabric ducts can generally be installed in 60-80% of the time required to install an equivalent metal system. Decide which suspension system you should use. There are two main types: aluminum track or tension cables. Aluminum track is used where aesthetics are important. Cable system is used when co... Read More

    20-09-2019 News
  • Ten Main Sofa Fabric Types

    Ten Main Sofa Fabric Types

    Sofa fabric is one of the most important gauges of the quality of your sofa. There are several varieties of sofa fabric available, all with different qualities, pros and cons. You can choose from man-made fabrics such as nylon, polyester, rayon, acrylic and acetate, or natural fabrics such as jute, ... Read More

    12-09-2019 News
  • Homemade Flame Retardant Fabrics

    Homemade Flame Retardant Fabrics

    A flame-retardant solution makes material resistant to burning when it encounters a low-energy ignition source, such as a cigarette lighter. Textile manufacturers add certain chemical compounds to create flame-retardant fabrics, but you can turn any fabric into a flame-resistant material with simple... Read More

    06-09-2019 News
  • Inherent And Treated Flame Resistant Fabrics

    Inherent And Treated Flame Resistant Fabrics

    Inherently flame resistant fibers are materials that have flame resistance built into their chemical structures. Aramid fibers from companies like DuPont create inherently flame resistant fibers. The actual structure of the fiber itself is not flammable. For inherently flame resistant fibers, the pr... Read More

    29-08-2019 News