• Flame Retardant Fabric Are Chemically Coated Fabrics

    Flame Retardant Fabric Are Chemically Coated Fabrics

    Fabrics is cloth or other material produced by weaving cotton, nylon, wool, silk, or other threads together. Fabrics are used for making things such as clothes, curtains, and sheets.   Fabric is made of fibers that are gathered from the source, spun into threads and then they are woven or knit ... Read More

    15-05-2019 News
  • Use Of Flame Retardant Materials

    Use Of Flame Retardant Materials

    The main reason to use flame retardant fabrics is that is reduces the risk of fires spreading. Particularly with curtains this can stop the fire soreading vertically to more floors.   Fabrics are the materials used for clothing, home textiles, and different domestic and industrial usage. The wo... Read More

    09-05-2019 News
  • FR fabric from wikipedia

    FR fabric from wikipedia

    Fire-retardant fabrics are textiles that are naturally more resistant to fire than others through chemical treatment or manufactured fireproof fibers. Terminology and test limitations The term fire-retardant as applied to organic (i.e., containing carbon) materials, is intended to refer to reduced f... Read More

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